Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Days already!

Hey Guys! I know I've been missing in action and for that I apologize. Congrats to Momoftwins, Noey, and LaLady on their closings, and congrats to everyone else on their building progress!

We had our 30 day walk through this past Saturday. Wow, I can't believe it's actually been 30 days already. There really wasn't to much to report, we have 3 nail pops so far, a scrape on the floor, cosmetic scratches in my tub, and the counter needs sealant. Other than those things it's perfect!

 My hubby, with some assistance from my son installed the front storm door this weekend. I absolutely love it and thinks he did a fabulous job btw! Next weekend he'll be putting the lawn mower together and I'll be trying my hand at mowing the lawn. That's going to be an adventure...I'll have to let you guys know how that goes. LOL.

We had all intentions of having garage door opener installed professionally of course, love hubby and all but I'd like to know it's not going to come crashing down on my car one But we have to hold off a bit since we decided with the new distance from our jobs we could no longer function as a 1 car household anymore. Plus, I am not having the best year with my teeth, just found out today I now need a root canal which is costing us a small fortune and delaying some of my decorating plans. Speaking of decorating, we decided to wait on painting the house until after the 10 month review...although seeing some of the updated post and how great everything looks it makes me want to hire a paint guy. LOL

I just want to share with you guys that I am soooooooooooooooo in love with our home. Especially my kitchen and family room. Each day I wake up looking around smiling and truly thankful that we've been blessed with such a amazing home. Just want to give you guys a little forewarning...those with the gourmet island and bar style counter, all that wonderful space will make your tables obsolete. We pretty much eat all of our meals at either the counter or island. Except for Sunday dinners...that's our day to sit at the table and have dinner together. Then afterwards the hubby and I sit out on our back deck (cool weather permitting) listening to music and enjoying the little bit of time we have together. Last night was a great night to sit on the deck. We have an 11 foot umbrella for our patio table (Garden Ridge) and were able to sit out on the deck even during the storm enjoying the cool breeze. It was the best part of my weekend!


  1. WOW, 30 days already? My how time fly, so glad you are enjoying your new home. It's even better that you haven't had any major issues.
    I'm with you on the painting, I think I am going to wait as well. But you're right, looking at everyone's pictures makes me want to do it right away.

    Thanks for the update. Wishing continued blessings to you and your family.

  2. Great update, I was wondering when we'd start seeing those dreaded nail pops. Sounds like they are just on the horizon (we closed a week and a half ago) I am too impatient to wait to start painting, so I started already and just plan on fixing the nail pops as they appear on my own.

    Good luck with your root canal. The thought of one of those scares me more than anything!!

  3. I'm so glad things are going so well for you!! =) We could see the storms all around us. Some had some terrific lightening, but it never hit here.

    I'm so happy for you! We're still in the moving process. Hubby has been working on getting the rental ready to turn in, and so it's fallen on me to unpack our house. But we're getting there! =)

    We too are going to wait to paint. =)

    Sorry about your teeth. My husband had a year like that last year. Now the only thing helping hold his broken tooth in is a crown. So now we need to buy a new tooth. You don't even want to know how much that is. Insurance does NOT cover that. *sigh* Anyway, my point was... I understand. You do what you got to do! GL!!!

    I am glad to hear all is going well! =) It was good to hear from you again!