Friday, April 8, 2011

Assistance needed!!!

So you all know I have been home recuperating from oral surgery this week and of course all the idle time has provided me time to shop. This morning I dragged the hubby out of bed and off to the Ashley Furniture store to see what we could find. I am sure the associates over there know us by name now since we are always in there but either can’t find anything, or can’t agree on what to get. So weren’t we all surprised when we both was able to agree on a dining room set in under 5 minutes.
The only problem is the set we like was not the set on sale. L After explaining to the sales associate that he would not be able to talk me into the similar set because it is not the set we actually like…even if it is on sale. He realized he was not going to make a sale with us yet again unless he was able to get us what we wanted.  Off  he went to talk to his manager for approval to give us the sale price on the set we picked. Since we are repeat browsers…lol...the manager quickly agreed to honor the sale price. We found out this set is brand new and had just received it in the store. We ended up purchasing the dining room set with 2 free chairs and 2 additional chairs to give us a pub style table and 8 chairs for $1099.

 We were able to get 6 chairs plus 2 free.

I love the shelf and cabinet underneath the table

First time we were able to agree on something...progress!

Now I need some assistance from my blog family. We also need to purchase a living room set for the family room but have been unable to agree on which set to purchase. I want something light and versatile that will allow me to hang bright colored curtains and interchange the accent pillows on occasion. My husband wants a leather set, which is very nice and comfortable but is too dark for me. I am constantly accused of buying everything old looking and beige with no life of color. I can’t help it if I like natural warm tones dang it! Here are the sets we have been debating for over a month. Please give me some opinions and decorating ideas especially for the leather set…I just can’t see having the leather set in my family room.

This is the sofa and love seat for the Lilly. I like this one the most.

This is what the hubby likes.
Stafford - Antique Sofa by Signature Design
This is the other set I like it's the Stafford and hubby thinks it looks like old people furniture.


  1. I agree with your hubby, go with the leather.

  2. I like all of them but the last one. I thought I liked it until you made the old people furniture comment. LOL Then I was like, "OMGosh!!! It does!!" lol

    Hubby and I want leather, but later in life when the kids are a bit older. Right now when they are sick, they like to lay on the couch. It's much more comfy with a fever when you don't have to peel yourself off of it. You know?

  3. LOL@ Noey!!! Of course he is gloating over here!

    The leather is durablend so really soft and comfortable. You don't have to peel yourself

  4. LOL Well that's good. NO PEELING! lol

    I like both your picks (not counting the last one). With young kids it is easier to clean up spills and vomit off of leather. 0.o (shocked eyes)

    But the softness and creamy lighter color of the other set is more inviting. What color are you thinking of painting? Are you even thinking of painting? If so, that may help you make the decision.

    I always pull the "I'm home WAY more than you are. So it's more important I like it" card. LOL I stay at home for now while he works 60+ hours a week. I soooo don't play fair sometimes. lol Thank God he loves me!

  5. I want to paint the house in 3 different colors turquoise/sea blue, burnt orange, and taupe. Although we don't plan to paint for the first year; until the house settles. I want to use the colors throught the house in different ways.

    I don't think I can use that excuse because I probably work about 55 to 60 hours per week myself...but that doesn't mean I'm going to play fair

  6. LOL...I like both and we have or will have both...we have leather very similar to what you are looking at in our family room. In our new basement we will be getting a new set that is very similar in color to what you like. The only thing I can tell you is make sure it is very very comfy...if it's not you will hate it no matter how nice it looks.

    That table looks very very familiar. Does the leaf section in it somehow flip and fold into itself? Even if it isn't the table looks really nice.

  7. I'm a neutural person too, so I'm with your picks. We have debated getting leather, but like you I think it's too dark.

  8. @BD Our mutual requirement is it has to be oversized and confortable especially since hubby is 6'4. I also have to be honest and tell you the leather set is really, really comfortable and oversized. I'm just having a hard time seeing the leather in that room.

    I don't think the leaf flips and folds. My husband said it can be removed but I don't think he really

    Thanks! Like I said it was a miracle we both like it...he hardly ever likes anything I like. He says being raised by my grandmother gave me an old

  9. @BD I don't think I ever told you it was your blog that made me want to start one. I was looking for reviews on Ryan homes and I came across your blog detailing your experience. I thought is was so cool so I decided to do the same. Although I was truly convinced no one would read it...glad I was wrong.

    Thanks for inspiration!

  10. I like the leather here. The other ones aren't my style really but I love the color! Were putting our leather in the basement :)

  11. Hey girl! How's things going?

  12. is so nice to hear that we have inspired others to write of their experience. I can honestly say that our inspiration was ThriftyAmy :)

    Stay married for as long as we have been married and you will find your tastes in a lot of things will merge. We are having a blast preparing to build our Avalon and my wife is going crazy buying things for the house...the good thing is I like everything she has bought!!! Tell your husband there is nothing wrong with "old soul"...we like to say we have Traditional Transitional taste.

  13. smile @BD...I let him know lol. I do need to give him more credit, we have about 15 years in and we BOTH have come along way.

  14. Oh, and before I forget it, tell your husband he can't get much more old soul then that leather couch...come on now...nice comfy leather couch with the nice brass tack old soul, but I love it though!!!

    What community are you building in in Maryland. We are in Delaware but looked at both the Courtland and Avalon model homes in Maryland communities.

  15. LOL!!!! True very true on the leather.

    We are from PA but live in Charlotte and we're building the Rome. I think that is a different blog you we're looking at in MD.

  16. are right...have spent the last couple of hours reading all the updates and definitely had the wrong one...sorry bout that!!!

  17. I'm a light-colored-couch girl too. I envision lots of pillows and throws to add color and accent. What about a light colored leather? Compromise :-)

  18. I like leather and like hubbys choice! Plus it looks like mine...hehe! Love your dining set as well!

  19. I have a leather couch similar to the one you are considering. I like it and it's good for the kids, but after living here for a year sometimes I find myself envisioning a lighter couch. I'm still glad we went with the leather since we have two boys (age 2 and 3) and my husband is messy, but from a design standpoint I like the idea of a light color with lots of bright pillows and accessories around it! BTW I LOVE the color scheme you plan to do! Turquoise and orange look awesome together and I think you could pull those colors off with both the brown leather or the light couch!

  20. I just had a thought! (I know, I'll try not hurt

    IF there is funding, why not get both! The one YOU like for the den and the one HE likes for the loft?