Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As mentioned previously, we only upgraded the things we felt we couldn't live without. At first the process was a little hard to part ways with somethings but as a wise person told me..."honey you only get what you need now and put what you want in later. Remember, everything you add is going to be included in the mortgage payments for 30 years. If you wait a year or two and do it yourself, your only paying for  that upgrade once."  When we looked at it that way it made it much easier to part with somethings.

Elevation C with all siding: we chose this option only because  it provides a little more room in the loft and two bedrooms due to the extension.

The morning room ...reason I bought the house.
The gourmet island...a must have
Slightly upgrades cabinets

We kept the basic flooring because we plan to lay our own tile within a year or two.

Family room
Fireplace with slate surrounding.

Master bathroom
Upgraded master suite with double sinks, glass enclosed shower and garden tub.
We upgraded the bath to include a stone border around our shower and tub.

We received the appliance package including a refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

We added prewiring in both of the kids bedrooms for ceiling fans.


I was very surprised with their fees and the fact that they wanted to lock us into a 60 month contract at practically $60 dollars a month. We got them to come down to 36 months but then decided the next day even that was too long and cancelled. We  decided to have a wireless system installed before we move in.

We did add prewire for my husbands stereo system in the family room an additional cable line for the loft area.


  1. NICE!!! I can't wait to see pictures. From what everyone else here in the Ryan Blogging community has said, the process really goes rather quickly!

    I belong to over 20 other Ryan bloggers' sites. By all means, check them out. Some have already moved in, some are further along in the construction than others, and one or two are like me....still waiting for loan approval.

    Again, congrats on the home! And welcome to our blogging family!

  2. Congratulations on building and welcome to the ryan blogging world!

  3. Congrats and welcome to our not so small blogging community (over 40 blogs). The very first Ryan Homes blogger (ThrifyAmy) has now been in her house for 1 year now. I am excited to say that I found you before km (LOL). Feel free to jump over to my blog(http://ryanhomesavalon.blogspot.com/) to find all the others in my blog list.

    When you say that you are having a wireless system installed before you move in are you talking about an alarm system? I could be wrong, but I think you get the Guardian system installed even if you don't sign up for their monitoring service...others jump in and correct me if I am wrong on this.

  4. Yes Guardian installs it no matter what....but its up to you to decide if you want to pay for the monitoring... Here is my blog sweetie...


    1. Surfing the internet: we signed with Ryan to build a Rome but we haven't met with the flooring and wiring folk yet. The link http://theryanhomesexperience.blogspot.com says you have to have an invite to view the blog

  5. @Noey814, Shara, BD & India...Thanks for the support! Also congrats on each of your purchases as well.

    @BD &India...Yes. I was refering to the security system. I doubt this is going to happen...but can I use another provider and Guardian's equipment?

  6. @India...i didn't think so. Oh well, we'll revisit this issue when I my walk through with Guardian. I just don't like the idea of having a contract for that long. It reminds me of a car note and lord knows I don't really want the one I have...lol