Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 2 Updates

Last week while reading a couple of the blogs I noticed some of the post talking about their weekly updates from their PMs. I assumed these updates were standard practice across the board with Ryan and of course you know what they say when you assume. Well today, I decided to reach out to my pm to see what my expectations should be on our communication. I was able to reach him with no delay and was happy to find getting in touch with him was not going to be a hassle of playing phone tag back and forth. I told him I understood he was busy but would like to know how frequent we would be getting updates from him on progress. He said normally, he will not contact me unless there was a problem. He stated he would be more than happy to talk with me anytime I had questions. I was a little surprised by this as I thought we would at least get some type of voluntary follow up on what's been accomplished.  I guess he could hear the concern in my voice because he offered to conduct a weekly call each Monday to let me know whats scheduled for the week. He stressed the importance of communication and told me he wanted me to be happy and comfortable with the process so he is was more than willing to talk to me at anytime. I was really put at ease with this as I didn't want to be viewed as a difficult and bothersome client.

This weeks agenda

Monday: Finish conduits for electricity and install footers.
Tuesday: City inspection on footers.
Wednesday: Pour slab.
Thursday: Lumber delivery.
Friday: Start framing.

Framing already? Wow that seems really fast. According to my pm everything is happening when it's supposed to; nothing is being rushed. I also asked if he could let me know when we get to 60 days so we'll be able to give notice. Yet again I'm shocked by his response. He stated we are already under our 60 days and will be possibly closing BEFORE 06/24!!!! Of course I'm stammering and speechless with this new information. He takes the silence as an opportunity to again assure me he's not rushing and it is all going according to plan. Because I am a little concerned there may be a delay I decided to hold off turning in my notice until next week. I scheduled a status call with him for next Thursday to make sure everything still on track. If all is still going well, I'll be giving notice next Friday to vacate by 06/30. Although a little scary, I'm a really excited about this news because it means we won't have to pay a prorated rent for July. YAY!!!

Well that's pretty much it for week 1 and 2....below are some pictures I took from week 1. I don't plan on going back over until my sister comes into town later this week. I plan on taking her to see the model so she can get an idea of what everything will look like...sort of. In the meantime, I'll need to rely on my neighbor/coworker to send me updated pics from his phone because gas is super HIGH and I need to conserve!!! I just paid $87 dollars to fill up my tank and the needle is still just under the F! Can you believe that! I'm ready to turn in my SUV for a Honda....LOL!!!

We've got plumbing.


  1. WOW!! You guys are moving fast!!

    We have to remember that we aren't adding basements, so I think that makes things moves a bit faster. =) The basement takes at least a week though. Right?

    I'm soooo excited for you!!

  2. @Noey Yeah I was surprised by the progress as well.

    I think your right more than likely it's faster because there's no basement.

    Thanks girlie! I'm sending you a virtual hug because I think you can really use one!

  3. ((((HUGS))))
    Thank hon!

    I'm nervous about meeting the PM. I'm not a pushy person, but I want weekly updates too. I'm not sure how I will approach it yet. I hope he's a nice guy (or gal...but I am assuming guy at this point).

    They are preliming our plans this week. Our Rep said we should get a call about a pre-con meeting this week. =) Super excited.

    Because the neighborhood is new and they are wanting to develop it quickly, we got approval from Ryan to start building on a pre-approval of the loan. At this rate, it looks like it may all come together (or God forbid, fall apart) at the same time. His timing is perfect.

    The waiting is hard, but I am learning patience. LOL

  4. Good...patience is definitely not a strong quality for either of

    There is a possibility that your PM maybe the same as ours. His name is Jerry and he told me he works several communities throughout the surrounding area.

    He has been really nice and accommodating. They want us to be happy with every thing...especially because of the survey we need to complete for them afterwards. Apparently it's a really big deal.

  5. Wow, you are already within 60 days of closing so this means you can lock in your interest rate? The pixs look great! I love any new changes it just makes everything seem more real.

  6. Wow, moving along fast! Thanks for posting this..I also don't really talk to my PM, but a weekly update sounds like a great idea! I will give mine a call this week!

  7. @ Stephanie...yes, but I think we'll wait for our predrywall meeting.

    @Acp your welcome...we're all learning from each other. If you want to know what's going on call them up and give them the expectation you will be calling weekly to stay informed.

  8. Wow! We have a basement and are adding a few non standard items to house and we still do not have any foundation or footers and they are saying or closing will also be 6/24! I am worried they are rushing because they ran into problems with mine. Seems crazy to build a house that fast! I already locked at 4.75%! can't wait to see pictures! My PM has not been contacting me and I am not happy!

  9. @Momoftwins HAPPY BELATED B-DAY! I hope you enjoyed your day.

    I would call your pm and talk with him about your concerns. My PM said often times the subs will work on the weekends to stay on schedule. So that maybe how they can keep the same closing date.

    Wow you locked in already? My NVR rep has been tellimg me to wait until the predrywall meeting before locking in the rate to make sure there will not be any delays.

  10. Thanks !!! They were not working on Saturday when we went! And it was nice out! We locked in at 120 days and paid 1% of our loan amount to do so. We were to stressed with interest rates constantly fluctuating! We can't afford a penny more! Lol!