Thursday, May 26, 2011

#28 Noey

Well Noey says that the blogs have been so this post is for Noey.

As much as she says the blogging community keeps her sane, I think at least for myself that is, that she keeps me (insert us if you agree) sane during this journey. Noey is the BIGGEST cheerleader in our e-community! She is often the first of our e-neighbors to post a comment onto the blogs and it's always what you need at the time...supportive, excited, outraged, encouraging, informative, or just a friend; she is always on it! For me this is truly a blessing, I am fully aware of my ability to work a nerve sometimes with my craziness but she, along with all of you are always ready to lend support from a good place. Trust and believe that not everyone’s support is coming from a good place so you have to be careful for who you depend on. So to Noey and all of my e-neighbors I'd like to say thank you for being the support I never knew I would need or find.


  1. *wipes tears* made me cry!!! *hugs hugs and more hugs*

    You don't know how long I sat here not knowing what to type.

    Ya'll just don't know how much I love ya'll. You do keep me sane!! And I feel like I know ya'll. Wish we all lived closer, then could bicker about who's house we'd have the e-neighbor get-to-know-you BBQ at. LOL Everyone bring a covered dish! lol

    Hon, honestly, I'm nothing special. I'm just me. And I care. And I know what it's like to go through this process and have people in your day-to-day lives not understand or be less than supportive (or at least less supportive than you had hoped).

    You guys have given me all the encouragement I needed when I felt so low. You all will never know how much that meant (and still means) to me. I want to return the favor 10 fold.

    I think we all make a great team. We are each others biggest supporters. We understand because we have either been there, or are about to be there. You know? We really have each other's backs.

    I love you all!! And I am honored to be a part of the process and blogging community with each of you. I don't know that I deserve my own post... but I am thankful. And yes, you did make me cry.

    I think we are all blessed to have each other. *hugs each of you*

  2. Not my intention hon but as long as they are good tears they are welcomed!


    We'll definitely have to do lunch since we only live down the road from each other, southern humor...everything is down the road and around the corner.

    Yes, we all make a great team. That's what happens when good people come together. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to get to know you guys!

    Let me know if you want to do lunch or coffee someday. I'll PM you my phone number in FB.

  3. You're getting so close and we should be moving in right about the same time. I agree with this post so much! I find that I can't always sit down and type out as much as I want (in my own posts or comments on others), but I always look forward to everyone's updates. Noey, you're the are so good at putting your feelings down and making us feel like we know you personally!!

  4. @Shara YAY the finish line is in almost in site for us!

    Yes she does!

  5. Here here, cheers to Noey! :) I wish all of you guys were my real neighbors, everyone is so fun nice! I can't wait to start a countdown in a few weeks!

  6. I agree with everyone. Noey has filled a void left by km and India. I know they are lurking, but they have their hands full with work, family and of course their lovely new homes.

  7. Definiely agree with this post. Its so hard to blog with my cellphone. Am looking forward to be back at home back to my own computer and catch up on my blogs. I miss my drivebys lol. Only 4 more days to go.

    Noey you are definitely a cheerleader in this community and you really have made this blogging world more enjoyable and share our joys in our road to house building. Thank you so much!

  8. Thanks Noey! You keep the blogs rolling! I have to get better with posting! DOn't worry as soon as I get my hole in the ground, I will be blogging like crazy! At least I hope... :)

    @BD, yes I miss KM and India's blogs...they are two of the blogs that inspired me to start mine.