Monday, May 2, 2011

Pre-Drywall/Guardian Meetings + Week 4 Updates

Today, I had a chance to meet our new "day to day" PM in charge from here on out. Jerry is a SR PM and will still be overseeing our home, but I'll have more contact with Doug from now on. I loved that Jerry made it a point to advise Doug of our weekly updates, which I totally was not thinking about btw. This allowed us to set a new time that will accommodate my schedule and his.

Doug is really nice and funny! I told them that I locked in my rate so if they weren’t finished the house by the 27th they will need to work around me. Doug just rolled with it; he said “oh no problem, we’ll make sure to cover the furniture.” Love it!

Anyway, the meetings went very well for me going it alone…hubby is out of town until tonight. The rep from Guardian was about an hour late but I had scheduled them 2 hours so no problems there.

We went through all the options in the house and I was able to get a FREE dedicated line for the deep freezer we’re going to put in the garage along with a regular outlet…did I mention I love our new pm!

I would like to thank my Ryan blogging family because I can’t remember who to thank directly, but I was able to get 6 months of Guardians services for FREE!!! And I owe it all to you guys. I told the rep that I had read on our blogs that they can offer free service as an incentive. He then wanted to know how many months I have run across. Now family, I started to say 9 months but you know I didn’t want to jump on the greedy train so I told the truth…lol I’d rather have just 6 months free than none. Make sure you guys are asking about the incentive because they can definitely accommodate. We ended up getting the smoke detector, an extra cable line, and an extra keypad. I’m happy because this is the last meeting I should have to take off until pre-settlement and settlement. If you guys don’t know I hate taking time off! I wanted to be able to take the entire month of December off and enjoy the holidays with my family…Christmas is my favorite holiday!

Week 4 Updates

I don’t have a per day time line this week because honestly, it was so much going on today I didn’t write it down. I just know that the electricians were scheduled for today bit due to vandalism on their end they will be a little behind.  I believe he said once that’s completed they will try to have the inspections done on Wednesday or Thursday and then insulation by Friday at the latest. Drywall should start to go up the following week.

Whew! Long blog again…lol I have pics I just haven't had a chance to post them.

Oh and I forgot to mention our presettlement is 06/20 and settlement is 06/22.


  1. It is pretty crazy thinking that the house will be done next month it is going by so fast. Our settlement is on the 24th two days after yours. It just seems so unreal.

    Not too much longer. :)

  2. We are 2 weeks behind you...Thanks for the gaurdian reminder!

  3. =) I think BD was where I first ran across the incentive for free months with guardian. We asked our Rep and he said 6 months. lol Glad you got it!

    Sounds like you have had a lot going on!! Can't wait to see the pics!

    How is it you can take the entire month of December off? That is AWESOME!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday too! =)

  4. Nope...can't take credit for the Guardian free months...we got free and had a huge bill with everything we selected...we asked about it, but he didn't bend at all.

    I believe the credit goes to km or ThriftyAmy for the 6 free months.

  5. We got 3 months free of service...we were hoping for a little bit more. This part of the process goes by fast. They insulated ours in one day and drywalled in one day! It's crazy! Glad you are settling in June, all the neighbors will be out meeting each other then!

  6. It's KM who gets the credit. We asked for 6, but only got 3. Congrats on the progress.

  7. @Stephanie I think I'm finally getting use to the idea. I told Jerry he can't shock me anymore.

    @LaLady no problem honey, I'm just passing along the savings.

    @Noey lol, well I can't now. My plan for this year before deciding to buy a house was to use all my vacation at the end of the year. I have 5 weeks to work with so I was just going to save it. I only have 3 weeks and a couple of days left thanks to my unexpected vacation caud by my teeth. I'm not sure if I'll take more than.the day we close off. We're going to move on the weekend so I may not take any off. I know this may sound ridiculous but I took off 2weeks when we moved and had the whole house unpacked in 3 days. I like to use my time off for fun stuff.