Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the count down BEGIN!!!

Today, I am officially scraping the weekly updates for the 30 day COUNT DOWN! I am still in awe of the fact that we will be homeowners in 29 short days. Excuse me, let me rephrase a little, we will be homeowners of a made just for us, picked by us, meant for us home.  Can you guys tell I’m excited?

So let’s get the countdown started.

I am a little sadden because the drive by’s are not as exciting as they use to be now that the house is under lock and key. Due to our work schedules, we are not able to get up to the house until the late evenings when everyone's already left for the day. Recently, I found myself driving as if I’m participating in the Indy 500 trying to rush over to the site before they lock up. Even still sometimes that’s a bust because the agent is not always on duty in our development. =(

Honestly, I really would rather not ask the agent to let us in because she will not let us into our house until all the people leave the model home, and then she stands and waits while we are looking around. One thing that really boils my peanuts is when you have someone who does not know how to give you space. I can’t stand it when someone follows you around while you look. It is soooo annoying! It also makes me feel like I have to rush because clearly the impatience they are trying to hide is very apparent. I want to be able to look around my soon to be home without someone looking at me with the wrap it up face. LOL

Well griping aside...

I spoke with our PM Doug today and he said we have an extremely busy week.

Today: Cabinets are done and the painters are in there (as of this post) finishing up.

And for the rest of the week we have:

& Electrical

The last 3 are supposed to only take 1 day to finish.

Hearing all of this being done this week it sounded as if the house was ready for us to move in next week. So I asked if they are pretty much done with all the trades this week, what do they need the remaining 24 days for? LOL

His response, well we have to go through and make sure it’s all perfect before we put the bow on it for you. Love it!

We also talked about my access to the house and how we are not able to get in by the time we get off from work. He said he's fine with leaving one of the windows open for us as long as we make sure to lock it back up before we leave. I can only imagine one of the neighbors or a passerby calling the cops on us to report a B&E. I’m not sure if the cops will believe we are the soon to be owners without having us take a ride down to the station. Although the thought is really horrifying, it does not deter me from doing what I need to do (by way of tossing one of the kids through the window to open the door) to see my house. LMBO!!!!

Loan updates: I received our final, final approval! According to my rep with NVR the underwriters are done with my file and sent the final approval. I just need to submit the next 2 paystubs and provide employment verification right before closing. YAY!!!

She also shared even more fabulous news than the final approval. She said she is pretty sure that our final amount to bring to closing will be a  WHOPPING $1131.76. What !!! (in my Despicable Me minion voice) I knew she had overestimated the figures but I didn’t think it would be that low. This is such great news because I certainly had a MUCH larger figure in my head.

Well that is all the update I have for today. I’ll only post pics if I see something really different than the last ones I’ve posted.  I will also try to make sure my #28 is not a report of my conversation with Mecklenburg’s finest.


  1. I love the comment about doing what you have to do by tossing a kiddo in to unlock the door. LOL LOVE IT!!!!

    Wow...a month away!! They have to get all the final inspections done, clean up, and have your pre-settlement walk through. =) It'll be here before you know it. It is awesome Doug will leave a window for you guys! =)

    I am in shock and awe over your closing figure!! We have an estimated $4500 in CC right now!! WHAT!!! We could opt to pay .25% more in interest and save about $2500 in CC. But I'd rather have that lower monthly payment...ya know?

    And what's the difference btwn final approval and final final approval?

    Congrats girl!!!

  2. Hey Noey!

    Girl let me tell you I was soooo hot when I went by the house today; I don't know who's fault is was but the house was all locked up! No window, door or anything. I was Peeved, I wasted so much gas (as high as gas is right now) going to pick up the kids, then driving over to the house just to stand in the dang driveway...again.

    I will definitely be giving Doug a ring tomorrow.

    Our closing cost are low because we got Ryan to pay about 90% plus using our own attorney knocked down some of the expense.

    From what I was told the underwriters will continue to monitor your file and go back through it before they turn over the file to the attorney for closing. Per my rep with NVR they have to review it once more to make sure no new surprise arise. The paystubs within 30 and verfication is to just make sure I am still employed right before we close.

  3. yay... I remember signing something saying nothing could change in our financials or credit before closing or they had the right to revoke the loan. I just figured as long as we got FINAL APPROVAL and didn't charge a thing or screw up our finances we'd be good to go.

    No joke it was hot!! I found a guy napping (or resting) in our home this afternoon. For all I know he was suffering from heat exhaustion. It is crazy hot for this time of year. blehk! YUCK!! The humidity makes it more unbearable. You know?

    I'm sorry you got locked out. That stinks! GL next time!!!

  4. Whenever we've gone the Rep always leaves. I can totally understand how that can be irritating!!! Maybe the Rep thinks they have to stay in case you have questions? Not sure!
    Congrats on such a low closing amount! This gives me high hopes because our Loan rep said he also overestimated so I hope it's a really HIGH estimation LOL!

  5. Great news, I'm so happy for you.

    I bet it is disappointing to not be able to get in when you want. Look at this way, very soon, you will have all of the keys. :)

  6. Yaaaay, I love the 30 day count downs! That does suck that the house was locked up gas is like $4! lol Anywho, I am soooo excited for you!

  7. @ACP thanks hon! That amount was a nice surprise so I'm hoping your surprise you with a much smaller amount.

    @All that... true we will have the keys and the mortgage to go along with them!

    Thanks Chelly!