Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 6 Updates

My day to day PM doesn't really give us a breakdown on what is happening each day, he just kind of gives me all the info for the week.  I don't really mind either way as long as I'm being informed. The agenda for this week:

Finish any drywall issues
Trim Package ( interior doors...etc) He did say this will be delivered tomorrow.
Cabinets will be coming in this week.
Then the painters and drywall subs will be coming back again to fix any dings caused by the cabinets.

He informed me the house will start to be locked up within the next day or so to keep all the rift raft out...his words not mine. LOL Said he wanted to make sure there will not be anything walking out of the house or any kids playing in it now that the drywall is up.

We also discussed the concerns I have on my yard space. Per the city we are required to have a drainage ditch in the back and I have no issues with that as long as the drainage ditch looks like it did before we started building. Currently, it looks like we have a small hill in the back and not the small drop off we had before. I also saw puddles at the bottom of the windows under the morning room which I think stem from them packing the dirt higher than it was before. Doug said he would go out and look at it but it may look like that until the landscapers come and level it out. He said the graders can only do what the city required and won't alter it. I advised him that I had no problem with the ditch as long as my yard is a flat as it was before they started building. 

At this point I have expressed my concerns and will wait and see what it looks like after the landscapers come. 


  1. We have a little hill now at the back too. It was flat. =/ I liked it flat. I understand your frustration here. *hugs*

    Sounds like the nosey neighbors will now be held at bay! =D lol And it also sounds like you have a busy week ahead house wise!! =)

  2. @Noey I know, so much going on. I just can't believe the cabinets and painters will be in this week. I mean it's really getting closer and closer. My 30 day countdown starts on Sunday!!!! Can you believe it????

  3. Exciting, almost 30 days to go.
    Good luck with the yard.

  4. Yes..lock up and keep Rift Rafy OUT! :-) You are almost there!!!

  5. Builders are usually required to grade your yard so that water runs away from it - so a totally flat lot will end up with a slight hill in the front and the back, sloping away from the house. You definitely want this if you have a drainage feature in the backyard. It will get the water out of there quickly. You definitely shouldn't have water ponding near the house though, that is an issue that should be addressed.

  6. Blogger really needs to add the "like" button to the comments section! LOL

    Lady made me laugh!! And Susan does make a good point!

    Holy painted wall batman!! Are you really about to start your countdown??? WOW!!

  7. @All that N Some...thank you. yes ma'am I second that statement.

    @Susan...I definitely will continue to monitor the yard situation. I will make sure to try and get out there this week to take a look at it again and to take some pictures. I'm going to send them to the PM along with the before pictures.

    @Noey....I am so glad I'm on the computer downstairs and not on my phone in the bedroom because my hubby would have been soooooo mad at me for waking him up. I laughed so loud when I read your holy painted wall!!!! SOOOO FUNNY!!!! But yes lady the countdown starts on Sunday.

    I am so excited but I am also so scared of being a homeowner. You know friends and family scare the bejesus out of you telling you about all the stuff that is going to go wrong. Whenever I tell someone we're buying a home I get the same response in horror stories. I feel so many emotions right now but mostly the closer and closer I get to this date I feel fear. I have questioned this decision over and over even as recent as I was driving around looking at lawns today and I had the thought that I don't know the first thing about maintaing a yard. I am so overwhelmed! I'm questioning everything like should we have researched the area a little more? I should have thought more about the selling home values? Do I need to go out and buy a lawnmower today? I feel like there is so many things I need to do and learn and I think I'm having a moment right now typing out this comment. I did not intend to type this much but it just happened. I think I'm going to walk away from the computer and the house for a second, grab a glass of wine and try to relax right now. Be right

  8. LOL Hope the wine was good!! =)

    The only thing I know about lawns is that my hubby mows it and trims it. And every yard we ever had was full of weeds and crab grass. YUCK!!

    I'm kinda looking forward to the challenge of making my own yard from scratch. (well..ok. The front is SOD. lol I can follow directions We'll see how it turns out.

    You have time to get the mower. But with the way the rain has been around here, you'll want it by the time you move in. You'll have to mow at least once a week. May-July the grass really grows with the rain. By August's heat wave, it's mostly crunchy. So you'll have to water it to keep it green and lush. The more water, the faster it grows, the more you mow. lol

    I am not sure about horror stories. I have only ever owned "used" houses. And they were older, so that had things that would eventually need replaced, but no horror stories really.

    You are getting a BRAND NEW house. And Ryan is very good to keep up with you that first year with both the 30 day and the 10 month inspections to fix things. That's more than most builders. Plus everything comes warrantied!! You shouldn't have any horror stories or least not for years and years to come. =)

    I think maybe it's kinda like the cold feet at getting married. This is a HUGE step and life change too. It's only natural to wonder about it and get a little scared.

    I think the home prices in our area are good. If you needed to get out and sell it, I'm sure you could quickly.

    Deep breaths honey. It'll be okay. Promise!

  9. Thanks Noey! I spent the morning researching lawn mowers with my coworkers and found one at Sears.

    I truly thank the heavens above for all the people in my life that listen to my constant rants about the house. Not only do they listen but they also offer good suggestions and solutions.

    After work I'm going to drag my hubby over to the mall to check it out in person. Since I don't need it right now and don't want to have to lug it home right today I'm going to use sears layaway option and get it out right after we move.

    Noey, just so you know you guys(meaning blogging community)are also included in the bunch I am thankful for. I would have been a real mess if I hadn't found you guys!