Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Pics

We went by the house (of course) this weekend and we got to meet a few of our neighbors. Some are very...ummm how do I say it?  Let's just say some are interesting and some are nosey. They seem very nice but ummm It is really hard to form a solid opinion but let's just say first impressions say a lot.

While standing in front of the house with my coworker/neighbor we were approached by two other neighbors who had just left looking around the other home under contruction right next to us.  As they are walking up the driveway one of the guys says you want to buy this house? Now maybe it's just me, but I would think that it should have crossed his mind that we are the buyers. Why? Well...outside of the two big fat SOLD signs on the property; and the fact that our car is there almost everyday often mulitiple times a day that he would have maybe seen me a time or two? IDK maybe not.  Now, regardless of the fact that we're standing in front of the door we can tell they are about to just walk on in and take a look around. So I decide to go ahead and invite them to have a look see. Although, I did leard while in the house it's not the first time they've been in.

Now don't get me wrong, the fact that they've been in while I'm not there doesn't bother us, what does bother us is the fact that we're standing there and they're just getting ready to walk right on in. Also, I found it a little invasive when one of them decided to ask how much it cost. I thought it was a little rude.  If I  decide to tell you then that's fine. But I don't think it's a question you ask within the first two minutes of meeiting someone. What do you guys think? Am I being too sensitive?

We got to see the completed tile in the master and hall baths and saw they installed the garage door.

Love his

 .....And just because I'm tired of packing's only been like 2 hours if that, I've thrown in some pics of what our current place looks like in the bonus room.

More boxes.

All of these shelves use to be full.

Boxes courtsey of the Home Depot

All of these are books and dvds


  1. haha, our garage is full of boxes. I've been collecting paper boxes from work for a while now. :)

    That is incredibly RUDE of anyone to ask the price of your home! We have some "one upper" friends who have inquired on everything from the price, down payment, option prices, financing details, etc., and it drives me CRAZY and gets me so mad. And to add to the fact they just were going to walk in would annoy me. I mean, I am sure it happens to most houses when the owners aren't around, but I would hope someone would at least introduce themselves first and then maybe say "do you mind if I take a look inside..." I wouldn't let it get to you too much though, I am sure there will be locks on soon enough. :)

  2. That's crazy that those people walk in and act like they own it. You should do the same to them and see how they like it although that would imply that we are stooping to their level lol. It would definitely irritate me to no end. Plus asking you about the asking price right when meeting each other for first time practically after introduction whoa haha. I would be like ummm at a loss for words.

    Hopefully you will not be dealing with the new neighbors too much! Plus, sounds like you already know someone in the area your co worker in the same block that must be nice! I haven't met anyone in our although we do drive by everyday to check out the lot.

    Your tub is looking more and more fantastic, I wish we had some tile surrounding the tub but nope all white and nothing too fancy. At least I am getting a big tub so I'm ready for many more bubble baths ahead. Am looking forward to be seeing more new pictures ahead.

  3. Ah Packing H***!!! lol

    The pics of the place look great!!

    As for your crazy neighbors...WOW!! Yup...rude!! Incredibly!! I'm sorry honey!! *hugs*

  4. I so don't know where to begin on this...for real! Can someone say t-a-c-k-y!!! I have had people ask how much-me: we got a good deal. Them: well how much do you have to put down? Me: 3% of a lot. Usaully the vague answers helps them get the point but there's always that one! But I WISH someone would take the intiative to walk right past me....ah let's just say, that wouldn't go over to well! Good luck with the nutty neighbors and yes, im glad you already have a friend on your block!

  5. Was that question rude? YES!!! Are you being too sensitive? NO!!!! I agree with everyone, asking someone the price especially after just meeting you is uncalled for and rude. Your house is looking amazing though! We got boxes from Home Depot too! I couldn't find them cheaper anywhere else and didn't have time to bother with finding them for free on Craigslist. Anway happy packing my friend!

  6. Hah! We did almost the same thing a few weeks ago, although I don't think we were rude. I hadn't seen what our house looks like (there is no model of it around here) and my neighbors are building a rome so when we drove by on a quiet Sunday we decided to go inside and take a look. Just as we are beginning to open the door guess who pulls up. Yep, the owners. I was sosoooo embarrassed. They were really nice about it though. Even gave us a grand tour. Your home is looking beautiful.

  7. The questions were definitely rude!!!

    I have a question. Your current dishwasher looks very very familiar. Is it a GE? If it is you should check the model. It looks like the one we had years ago that was recalled due to the chance it would catch on fire...hopefully I am wrong.

  8. I did want to add, that I do kinda expect the few people there in the neighborhood already to look through the house before it's all locked up. It's what people do. People are curious, especially about models they have never seen and toured. I don't mind it so much as long as they are respectful. It kinda comes along with the territory when building a house in a neighborhood.

    HOWEVER... If I am there at MY house and you just want to go barging have another thing coming!!! People should at least be respectful. I don't mind offering you a tour, but don't anyone dare to presume it'd be okay to barge past me into my house. Whether you've been there before or not.

  9. Laughing at your encounter with the neighbors. People will be people, hopefully that is the worst you will encounter. (crossing fingers)

  10. So incredibly rude - the fact that they were going to march right into your home, and not even introduce themselves or anything. PLUS the fact they have the nerve to ask how much the house is! I cannot even...I wouldn't know what to say! Actually, I was at the bank recently to get our down payment situated, and a girl I knew from years ago was there and she had the nerve to ask how much the house was, and we didn't even use that bank for our mortgage! I was at a loss for words then, because she is supposed to be a professional. Finances are an extremely touchy subject and I just think it's unbelievable how some people feel so entitled!!!!!

  11. @Everyone

    Thanks for putting me at ease because I thought I may have been being a little touchy. I don't even care as much about them wanting to see the house because I certianly understand folks are curious. I think my biggest issue was the questioning.

    @BD I think it is a GE. The fact that it is a recall doesn't surprise me because the complex is a patch work type of place on the inside, especially if you don't rent the upgraded units. Outside it's really nice and it's in a BEAUTIFUL and desirable area. I honestly am not worried for the remaining days we're there because we are old school hand My grandmother JUST got her kitchen remodeled and had a dishwasher installed.

    Thanks everyone for the comments on the pics!