Thursday, May 19, 2011


Living room

Dining room

Powder room mirror is in.


Butter rum counter tops.

OMG so much usable drawer space.

Hubby in the morning room.

I really like the mantel and fireplace.

Master bedroom

Double sink counters are in.

IDK where this

Mirror in hall bath is in.

Hall bath.

Last one on the way out the door.


  1. Looks great! Love the kitchen!! Wow you are so close! When is your closing? I bet you are getting soooo excited!

  2. Thanks! I am so excited that is when I'm not freaking out. Lol. Closing is scheduled for June 22nd @ 9am sharp!

  3. GIRL!! Since you commented on facebook, I've been waiting for these pics!! LoL

    Everything looks GREAT!!! Wow. Your only a month away!! VERY exciting!!

  4. The walls are gorgeous its all done yay! The gourmet island is double, triple wow! I love the cabinet spaces on the island its unbelievable. If you don't mind me asking what color is the fireplace mantel? I am just curious. Your closing date is the same day as my pre- settlement date exciting. Only 33 days left for you! Loving the pictures.

  5. It all looks so nice! I think we may have chosen the same cabinet/counter top combination, you have great taste my darling ;o)!! Closing is right around the corner June 22! I know you are excited! We are excited too!

  6. Everything looks GREAT!!!

  7. Do you remember what color your tile is in the kitchen? I really like it!! Thanks! :)