Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Pics

We decided to ride over to the house yesterday, (even though I said I wasn't until next week) because my son, who has been dead set on moving was inquiring on what's going on with the house the night before. I was so excited about his turn of attitude that I decided to leave work almost on time like a normal worker bee and swing by to get the kids and check out what's new with the house.

Here are the pics I took.

Our siding is here.

This is where our freezer will be.

My mudroom is benches for me =(

Hard worker starting the siding.

Looking into the dining room, kitchen, and morning room from the living room.

This is my room!

So I guess this will be mine.

My future picture wall!

View from the upstairs loft.

Get out of my room!

Hubby taking it all it's really coming fast.

Q. Why do you two get the biggest room in the house?
A. Because we pay the get out! LOL
Our dirty shower and tub.
Another look at my pic wall.
View from the front door.

We've been inspected.

Looking into the master bath from across the room. It's sooooo big I never have to leave!


  1. YAY!! It's always exciting when the whole family can get in on it! It's looking good!

    We have a tiny mudroom too. NO BENCHES!! lol But we will have hooks! =) Our front hall is large, so we may eventually get one for it.... we'll see. lol

    Great pics!

  2. Thanks Noey =)

    I am a little disappointed about the mudroom. I had almost ordered the bench and cabinet from Amazon...I'm so glad I waited.

  3. Why were we talking about the mudroom in the Rome during our pre-settlement.

  4. Wow, that looks great! i know you are super excited!

  5. Wow you have siding already how cool is that! You got to send us a updated pix of when the sidings are up. Cannot wait. Pixs look great! :)

  6. I too am building a Rome and have loved reading your blog. You are ahead of us. We break ground at the end of May. I too was really bummed about the mudroom or lack there of. It is really just a hallway. I WISH it could have been even just a foot bigger. The only downside to the floorplan though...the rest of the house is great. Keep the pictures coming and thanks for posting.

  7. Mina, I really enjoyed viewing your posts and pics! I hope to be able to post my build progression pics too! I feel so inspired by the blogs I've read today!

  8. Welcome Cami & Diva!

    I'm glad you guys are enjoying the blog. When I started I never thought anyone would want to read it more less enjoy it. Lol

    @ Cami I was all set on what I was putting in that I guess I never noticed how small it is in the model. I see your in my home state of PA. Are you building in Quakertown?

    @ Diva I can't wait to see your post. It's so much fun plus you learn a awful lot from the community and it's so supportive. I can only talk so much about your house before family and friends get tired of it! Lol