Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry I'm late Noey...Week 5 Updates

I have been sooooooooooo busy this week, and it's only Tuesday. First and foremost Happy Belated Mother's Day to all!

This weekend I received my letter from NVR regarding my closing information, I guess this makes the date official 06/22/2011. I had to read the letter a couple of times because I didn't recognize the attorney's office and had to wait until yesterday to confirm it was incorrect. See, my employer offers a legal plan that will allow me to use any attorney in the network at no cost for things like wills, traffic tickets closing & etc...so I thought what a great time to take advantage of this service and save a few bucks!

Way before groundbreaking I advised both the sales rep and the loan rep that I would be using my own attorney for closing. Both ladies said that would not be a problem and to just remind them to bring the keys when we go to closing. Well apparently neither one forwarded that information on to the "settlement coordinator" since she had no knowledge of such conversations when sending the letter. I ended up having to forward her the original email I sent back in March providing them with all of the contact information for the attorney I was using. She then stated that would be fine, HOWEVER, because I am using a different attorney I will not be given the keys to the brand new home I will have just signed my life away to until...idk maybe later that day or the next...depends?

Excuse me?!?!? What do you mean I will not be getting my keys? She said well since it is a different attorney we can not release the keys until they verify the attorney wires the funds.

Now I'm really confused because I was under the impression that Ryan Homes and NVR are under the same company...are they not? If so, and the money is coming from NVR why are you holding my keys until I don't know when? She went on to explain that because the funds are wired from NVR to the attorney, they have to hold the keys until the wire is confirmed and that's not until after the attorney completes the required documents at the courthouse.

I am very annoyed at this! I feel like my keys are being held hostage because I have exercised my right to save myself some money and not pay their attorney un-needed fees! Her response...you will need to schedule your closing early and make sure to stay on top of your attorney to get everything completed. So much for not taking the day off...you guys know how I am...I will now have to take off a whole day to sit around doing nothing and waiting on someone else =(

After this conversation I immediately call the attorney to let him know I will need him to do what ever is necessary to make sure I get my keys the same day! No problem he says, as long as Ryan sends him the request for title information and whatever paperwork required BEFORE closing, everything should go very smoothly and I'll get my keys that afternoon. Closing as at 9:00 am sharp!

Ok...to make sure there is no additional chances for someone to say they were not aware, I sent a mass email to everyone involved with the purchase of this home.

I received a email back from another settlement coordinator..apparently the first lady I spoke with that day sent the letter on behalf of "B", who is my SC. She did not come relaying good news...not bad news either, just new request. I think I am just a little cranky and frustrated with all things house this week. More paperwork is what she is requesting...bank statements, retirement information, homeowners insurance proof..good thing I don't really wait for someone to tell me to do something or else I may not have had this. Anyway, today I was able to fax them over 18 more pages of my personal life to satisfy whatever new curiosity the underwriter has now. She told me they just want to finalize my file for closing...you didn't do that when you gave me my approval?

Can you guys tell I'm moody...lol

Well that's all the griping I'm going to do today.

Week 5 Updates

Nothing much to really report this week. Siding is about 99% completed, some of it fell off within a day of them putting it up...not a good impression of their work btw. During our talk Doug said he was waiting for the inspector to approve the insulation and then they will start to put up the drywall. I'm assuming the garage door will be installed soon since he also said the cabinets will be coming soon.  He said once the cabinets come they will be addding the locks to the doors to keep me and all others out...jk. Since the drywall can take about 5-8 days I won't be driving by until next week since there is really nothing new to see yet.

Forgot to mention we have 3 box and a tote packed as of today!
Here is the most updated pics I took today.

The fallen siding is on the right side.

There is drywall in almost every room.

Insulation upstairs

Upstair drywall


  1. I feel your frustration and I'm dealing with the same thing trying to schedule our closing. Basically if you use anyone outside of their little circle then you have to really take ownership and stay involved double checking all the details. We are using our own mortgage and title company and our settlement letter also had the incorrect information. Ryan does a lot of things well (most importantly building great homes for reasonable prices), but they do not always play nicely with other companies.

  2. WOW!! That is frustrating!! Stuff like extra paperwork always makes me nervous!

    I'm sorry for all your hurdles, but you are doing a great job at getting over them!

    I'm sorry but I laughed at your statement about sitting around waiting and having to take the day off. I can't imagine you just sitting around...doing nothing...waiting and not working. GL!! I think you may need it. And just so you know, that is said with much love!! =) I don't think I could do it.

    Just think, pretty soon you WILL have your keys!! And you will be home! (and if you need an alibi when you get those keys...let me know! lol ;) )

  3. @.Shara I hope that things go well for us both and that there are no problems come closing day.

    @Noey it makes me nervous too. Like they might change their minds or something, which if they did don't be surprised if you see my pic in the slammer paper they have down here...lol! I laughed so hard when I read your post...Especially the line about the alibi. Oh and btw I don't think anything you say is meant any other way...lol

  4. I am so annoyed with all of this underwriting stuff!! I thought when I was pre-approved that I was good...lol! Boy was I wrong! Just faxed over 35 more pages and they still want copies of cashed checks and such....such a pain in the butt! Hope all goes smoothly for your losing, your house is really coming along:)

  5. We went through NVR mortgage and NVR title and we still had to wait to get out keys--same reason, making sure the funds were transferred. We had our closing at about 8:30am and got the call that we could pick up our keys at about 3:30pm. So I guess even if you do stay in the inner circle sometimes you have to wait :)

  6. We did everything NVR and got our keys at the end of closing. Everytime I spoke with someone at settlement, I verified we get the keys at closing.

    Regarding settlement and underwriting. NVR is doing the same thing as other lenders and builders. I don't know of any builder, this is my experience as I'm in the mortgage business, that will hand over the keys without verifying the wife unless it's done with the lender preferred settlement company. The documentation piece is in reaction to the subprime/no doc mortgage loans. NVR can't afford to buy back a loan from an investor, so they make sure everything is documented. My company does the same thing. Besides, do you want to here about Ryan going under in the next 5 years? I know I don't. I want to build my retirement home, lol.

  7. This does sound frustrating but in the end you know one way or another you will get your keys and you will be living in your brand new house. Keep in mind that the end is in sight and will be soon. Once you get through all the hurdles then it will all be worth it and everything you wanted is in your hands.

    The pictures look great and your siding looks beautiful! House building process is fun to watch and every new thing whether its inside or outside of the house totally always puts a smile on my face and I am sure it does to yours. :)