Sunday, June 12, 2011

#15-10 Yeah it's long as usual, but worth it!

Wow am I behind on my countdown! So lets first address my slacking.

#15  Slacking
I have been trying to keep up with the blog but every time I try to update, I get distracted with something else and next thing I know another day has come and gone. I promise to try and get my act together enough to focus! LOL.

#14 Morning Room
The first thing I fell in love with over and over again regardless of the model we were touring was the morning room. I grew up with what we call up north a breakfast room, this is where all the family meals took place (unless it was too crowded and spilled into the dining room), where all the family discussions took place and the place everyone flocked to in general. No other builder I've visited had a room like this and if they did it did not give off the same feel to me. I can't wait to have our first event with all my family and friends in my morning room and kitchen!

#13 (Hubby's pick) Upstairs Loft
We love to watch some of our favorite shows together, (wipe out..yay baby!), have movie nights and play wii with the kids. We plan to use this space as a less formal area for the four of us to relax and have family time in a more intimate space without having to be downstairs in the family room all the time.

 It's also a space the hubby can retreat to when I don't want to watch the game in the bedroom...he can just go right down the hall. LOL.

#12 Backyard
As I said in a previous post, one of our biggest reasons for moving south was so we could purchase a home with some land. I can not wait for our grass to grow back there and to put up a fence. I plan on stalking the internet and magazines to find a backyard design that will create a nice space for entertaining. I can see a lot of barbecues in our future.

#11 Mailbox
I know this may seem silly but I was soooooooo excited to see our mailbox installed. To see that small black box with the numbers for our home and to know it was put there just for us with no one ever having mail sent to that number was so overwhelming.

#10 This one is very special to me....Storm door
So, I like to think of myself as someone who is easy to get along with or maybe at the least be cordial with. Well recently, I had been having a sort of misunderstanding with one of my coworkers. For some reason or another we just did not see eye to eye it was to the point that I had to remove myself many a times for the situation and just say she is not worth the fact that I need to keep my job because I'm buying a! What I decided to do was pray on it and turn it over to God. I asked for him to give me patience and understanding and the ability to hold my tongue...which is almost impossible at times.

So I turned it over and washed my hands of her. Our relationship went on like this for a while but it always bugged me that we couldn't have a simple discussion without being at each others throats.  So I decided that one day I was going to start my just saying good morning. That good morning lead to another discussion a few days later and we sort of talked out our differences. She accused me of treating her different then the other co workers on the floor, which admittedly I did. The way I saw it was if you didn't like me and it was clear and apparent that you didn't, then I wasn't going to break my neck to talk to you unless it was work related.

I'm getting

 So that day I made her a promise, and I can't stand a liar so I was not going to make myself out to be one. I told her from that day on out that I was going to come to her desk and talk to her regardless of she wanted to talk to me or not! And I have every day since. Now to the good part...During one of our conversations I had mentioned some of the stuff we were going to need and that we had taken a trip to Lowes to look at storm doors.  So she said to me that when we received our bonus she was going to buy me a storm door. Now I will honestly say I didn't really believe her because seriously, who buys a coworker (someone you couldn't stand a few weeks ago) a storm door? They are really pricey! Well I'm just going to say like my grandmother told me, you never know what God puts on someone's heart, sometimes he can surprise you with a blessing from a place you'd never expect.

Well my e-neighbors, I am here to tell you that not only did she purchase our storm door but she even tried to pay to have it installed until I stopped her. I told her the door was more than enough! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would get any gift from her but a storm door wow...and she didn't give me a budget or anything, she just said pick it out and I'll pay for it? I was at a lost for words on her act of kindness...all I could say was Thank You to her and to God!

Here is the link to our new door!|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_200%2B400_4294807200%2B5003701_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr%7C0%7C%7Cp_product_quantity_sold%7C1&facetInfo=$200 - $400


  1. That is beautiful! Note to self* go speak to EVRRYBODY at work everyday this month cuz I need a few things myself!!!!! Don't wanna block my blessings. Lolol. She better not get mad at you next month and ask for her door back...lolol

  2. Wow...I agree with LaLady...I am going in tomorrow and jibber jabber with everyone!!! The door looks amazing.

  3. That is amazing!! I'm so glad that worked out with your co-worker. And you got an amazing gift out of it too! Isn't it amazing the things that can happen when we just obey, let go, and let God. Congrats on your mended relationship and your surprise gift! =) I wish a certain neighbor and I could work things out. It's not going to happen though. =( So instead, I just pray for her.

    Congrats on it all honey! Love the mailbox! And the door!

  4. @Lalady lmbo!!!! Girl too funny!

    @BD thank you. You guys are hilarious!

  5. @Noey is it that bad between you and your neighbor????..Aw :-( welp...good thing your rolling out!

  6. I was just thinking earlier, after seeing everyone elses updates, when we would hear from you again.

    Thats awesome how God provided after you reconciled with her.

  7. @Noey Thank you hon! I'm so sad to hear about your neighbor. Its one thing to have a tiff with someone you work with but another to have one where your home is. I’m sorry to hear of your situation but as LaLady said you will be moving very soon so yay to new neighbors!

    @WodyJ...LOL I can be a bit of a slacker at times.

    Yes it is and I am so grateful for this blessing!

  8. Oh yeah. That bad. The cops were here. *eye roll*.

  9. Love the mailbox!!!! I am excited about the mailbox part. Wow, storm door that is pretty sweet. I plan to get one too and found one at Lowes a red one called cranberry I really would love to get that one. It is fun to shop for things for the house!

    I love the morning room too that is definitely going to be on my count-down sometime this week. :)

    Love your count-downs.