Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Closing and the move

I know I still have yet to post my number 1. I will do so as soon as I can catch my breath. Lol. closing went very smoothly, it took about an hour tops. We weren't able to get our keys right away. We had to wait for the funds to be wired to Ryan that took longer than it needed to due to email issue. Other than that we're all moved, in boxes everywhere and I'm so exhusted can barely see our hold the phone anymore. Will give updates and pics in bad being hours the am.


  1. Yikes, glad to hear closing went smoothly but no keys? I wuld be bummed. We have to drive for 45 minutes to get to the main office to hand over the cashiers check and finalize the documents. What was the issue? Was it the bank? Let me know so I can be prepared thinking ok we will not get the keys but might have to come back the next day. I hope not since I am not looking forward to driving another 45 minutes. The model home is like 5 mins away from us but nope the closing is like no where near us. Let me know we are closing tomorrow and I want my keys what can I do to ensure that the keys are in my hand. Thanks min.

    I cannot wait to see your new house pics I bet you are excited. I know I am. My sod came yesterday but they were halfway in. So today it should be done. :)

  2. Closing! Glad it went well, I hope ours last that long! That was fairly quick! I just told hubby we will be bringing an air mattress and an overnight bag, because I want to spend the night that night...