Monday, June 6, 2011

#17 & #16 Furniture finds

#17 Family Room

I've finally made a decision on the furniture for the family room. The hubby is very happy about more indecisiveness and trips to the stores looking at the same pieces that I “like but don’t love”. Hubby was convinced we would never have any furniture in the house. Lol!

 I am going to get two of these sofas since I don't like the love seat; it’s not spacious enough for me. The side pillows along with the throw pillows take up more space then I think is necessary and would not sit 2 people comfortably. I also want to add my own decorative pillows to add some color so no the love seat will not do.

#16 Counter area stools

The hubby and I were in JC Penny when we came across these stools and noticed they were having an awesome sale. We found 30" stools normally $200 (an insane amount btw for a stool) for 70% off regular price. At the same time we were looking at the stools I remembered I had received a text message from them for an additional 15% off. We had been debating on getting them but after realizing it would get us normally $200 stools for 1/4 of the price the debate was quickly over. When we got to the check out we found out the coupon for home products was only 10% off not 15%. I explained to the associates at the counter that the text I had did not state it was only 10% on home. I showed them the text and wanted to know if they could honor the 15% off. The associates said they were not sure of why it didn't mention it but would not be able to give me the 15%. I requested to speak with a supervisor because I was not happy that the text did not have that in the message. Come to find out that one of the associates was a!

Hubby stepped in and said to stop being cheap (frugal) and just get them! It's still less than regular price he said. Fine I said and handed over my cc to the associate. When the supervisor went to enter the code she smiled and told me she was going to go ahead and give me the 15% but I had to do her a favor and complete their survey…lol. I told her no problem and walked out with my new chairs that I got for $51 bucks!

Oh and I made sure I completed the survey the very next day…YAY for great customer service!!!!


  1. That is pretty funny with the stools! I saw a couple of stools that I really like but I wanted to wait till for sure we get our dining room table out the way. Once we get the new table then getting the stools for the breakfast bar will be the next on the list but wanted to be sure that they match.

    Your couch is so pretty hubby wanted to wait till we move in the house then buy new family room furniture. That is going to be hard for me since I so wanted to shop.

    Only 15 more days for you aren't you excited? Is your landscaping in yet? Any new progress on the house? I cannot stop driving by haha.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your couches!!! Where did you get them!

    And what an awesome deal on the stool!! You go girl!!

  3. I went by the house on Saturday to try and measure the family room to be sure and saw they had painted the door. I believe the landscaping should be complete at the end of this week.

    I am very excited!!

  4. @Stephaine...comment was not finished. LOL I couldn't get into the house because the sales rep (not ours) that is supposed to be in our community is NEVER there. So I don't know what else is done or has been done.

    Funny you said you want to wait so they can match...that is what we should have done. Last month we bought saddle stools for the island at Ross on sale for $19.99 which was a great price. Now the only problem is they are black and these are brown. I tried to exchange them for the brown one but Ross won't do an even exchange. The store that has the brown ones are priced at $27.99 and it is a different store than the one I brought the black one from.

    Boo for bad customer service!!

    @Noey Thank you! American Signature Furniture, they have the same stuff as Value City so either one carries them.

  5. Lol! I have been shopping sooo much! I agree with the waiting if you have the patience, which i apparently do not! I tried returning or exchanging pictures I bought at big lots with no luck! I am stuck with tons of unwanted items now...I hate these stupid store policies!

  6. Black goes with everything and I am sure it will look great in your kitchen give it a try once your house is done test them out it may surprise you on how well it will go with the rest of your stuff.

    Our sales rep. Is getting married she will be out of the office for 2 weeks in the meqantime we have somebody new at the office and do miss my personal sales rep sh always made me feel better.

    Good to know about the door our door is still white and I'm starting to wonder if they forgot my front door its supposed to be black.

    Take pics of your landscaping once they are in. I cannot wait for grass the house across from us is the rome and they have landscaping in and looks super awesome! Only 2 more weeks.