Thursday, June 2, 2011

#20 House Blessing: Thankful...part 1

As a lot of you know or may not know, we picked up and moved from our home town of Philadelphia PA to Charlotte just a short year ago Saturday. We left ALL of our family (who thought we were insane by the way) and transferred jobs to Charlotte. To some, that isn't a big deal but for us it was a HUGE deal. My husband is an only child and I was raised by my grandmother whose hip I was practically still attached to as an adult. We also left our 3 month old brand new baby nieces (that was so hard for me) and I’ll say it again, ALL of our family and moved south.

When we decided to move, some of our family did not think we would be able to make it. Some of my husband’s family was sure we wouldn’t be able to make it here (me especially) since we are so family oriented and since I was always with my family. Although I knew people were counting against us, we decided to show our kids that there is more out there then what we were seeing back home. Don’t get me wrong, I love Philly and will always be from Philly (if you know what I mean) but Philly for me was not a place I wanted to raise my kids. I wanted to be able to provide them a better life with a beautiful home (with some grass)…in a safe neighborhood not in the concrete jungle as big cities are often called.

10 years ago when I was with BOA, I had started thinking about transferring to Charlotte but those plans were quickly set aside when I was laid off after the MBNA merger.  I look back at that time and realize I wasn’t ready then. So this time, while making preparations to move, I prayed about it and asked God to make it so if it was for me, and he did! Any hurtle we had before moving that I thought would deter us was quickly removed from our path. That gave me the assurance I needed to know that this is where my family is supposed to be. When I finally told my family I was moving, they honestly didn’t believe me because I had been saying it for so long but had never acted upon it. A lot of them told me to my face that I would never be able to leave my grandmother because we were so close. They even tried to make me feel guilty about leaving my elderly grandmother. This almost made me cancel the move. But after talking to my grandmother she assured me that she would be alright. This is what she told me: “Monique, go if that is where you want to be. I’m 72 years old and I’ve lived my life and you need to go and live yours. You don’t have to stay for me, I’ll be alright.”  Even though, I know in my heart she did not want me to go she refused to be the reason I didn’t go. So with a heavy heart and a lot of faith I packed up my family and off we went.

I'm so glad we did!

This past Feburary, out of nowhere I decided I wanted to get a house. The process happened so fast but even in doubt I knew it was time. So I did what I always do when I'm not sure, I prayed. I asked God again to make it so if it was for me…and AGAIN he did. The process I was so dreading and so sure wouldn't happen for far (*knock on wood*) has been smooth and painless. I say ALL of this to say that without GOD I am nothing. All that I have asked for and haven’t asked for has been granted and I am SO THANKFUL of this. Even when I feel I don't deserve a blessing he makes a way.

This is very personal for me and I have almost never shared with (even some of my closest friends) how deep my faith is. Typically, I don't share how a lot of my decisions are made because I have “consulted” in God...even when I wasn’t what some will call a practicing Christian. But, for the first time in a long time I truly realize how good God has been to me and my family.  It has made me realized that I couldn’t possibly move in to what is to be our new home without his blessing and anointment. So I asked the parents of one of my good friends from work to come and honor us with blessing in what is soon it be our new home.

I had planned for my post to be about that actual meeting, but as we all know sometimes it's not about our plans. I will post them later as my #19 post when I can figure out what happened to the pictures I added to Picasa this morning.


  1. I know how you feel! I moved from California to Ohio back in January. That was hard for me. I never lived anywhere out of state. All of my family are from there while my husbands family are all from Oregon. The moving part is hard especially the farewell part.

    Ohio is growing on me but do miss my family like crazy. I am not used to the humidity and hope I get used to it. The house on the other hand is a blessing to us that we are able to build one from what we want from our choosing.

    The blogs really helped me get excited about the building process and being able to share ideas, our hopes and dreams.

    Your home is a blessing to you and your family. Being able to start anew and fresh in a brand new home to your liking. Only 2 and half weeks to go! Whoo hoo. :)

  2. God is good!! For you He removed mountains and stumbling blocks! That is great!! It's exactly what you needed!

    For us he using those stumbling blocks to stretch us. And in our case, if weren't for some of them, we wouldn't have gotten the free morning room or the lower interest rates.

    He is giving both of us a dream, just different paths of getting there. He is good and faithful. I think it is great you used this time to honor him in that. =)

    It took a lot of courage to move so far from what you've always known and the people who love you. I am so happy your story has worked out so well! I am so happy for you!!

    Yup! God is good!

  3. Min, I REALLY needed to hear that. Thank you for sharing your testimoney!

    I hear Charlotte is a very nice Southern City! Congratulations on you courage and your wisdom to know it came from God. This process has drawn me closer to him. He showed me so many times not only his power but his tenderness in the little things that mean so much.

    I have never moved out of my hometown. I am connected to my parents by the ambiblical cord still so I can only imagine.... Children really can bring the BEST out in you!!!!

    Congrats and I can't WAIT for the pics!!!!!

  4. @Stephaine...Girl if you think the humidity is something in OH come and visit Noey and I. has been Ri-dang-diculously hot down here this week. LOL

    I miss my nieces more than anything. I was so heart broken when I missed their first BDAY.

    @Noey...All the time God is good!

    Yes ma'am, different paths but same blessing! I have faith that he will come through for you so as I've said before hand it over and just step back.

    @LaLady...Thank you. I miss my granmother terribly and can't wait for her to visit next month. The only thing that could make it perfect is if my neices were able to visit with her. I would be so happy.

  5. Great testimony! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. He will continue to provide blessings to you and your family.

    I know the feeling of missing family, but I know that I'm just a drive away. 3.5 hours to be exact.

    Continue to let God be your pilot.

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  7. In due time, you neices will be spending every summer with your family! Ok so i should be good on church for at least 3 Sunday's right??? becasue I mean I read all the testimonies AND even had a testimony of my own so wait....that would make me good until about mid July right?? lolololl!

  8. @Allthat Thank you!

    @LaLady...girl you crack me up!!!

  9. Hi Minaq2,

    Thank you for your post! I am from PA originally as well, about 45 mins from Philly...Hey Neighbor! My story is very similar to yours, I come from a very close family and I am the youngest of 5 and to this day they STILL call me the "baby"!

    I was the only one to leave the nest, my entire family is still back in PA, while I miss them and of course Gino's :) moving away was the best thing I could have done for my family! Moving to MD has opened up a world of possibilities for us.

    It really does get better, keep the faith and keep him first and all things will work out as planned!