Thursday, June 2, 2011

#19 House Blessing: part 2

Here are the pictures from yesterday when we had the house blessed. The pastor that blessed our house is the father of one of my good friends from work. Her family welcomed us with open arms as if they had known us for years. That was so special to us because it is very hard when you don't have any of your own family to laugh, share a meal with, or to spend time with.

Oh and guess what? He and I have the same birthday!

My surrogate family.

Coworker from across the street
It was soooooo hot in there...the girls acting silly.

my daughters bff...she praying and my child is reading...smh

Oh we found out we have carpet in the whole house!
And a GAS stove!!! Love it can't wait!


  1. We had our house blessed too and it was very comforting to have that done. We know we would not even be in this house if not for the Lord's beneficence. Your house looks terrific, and best of luck !

  2. I love these pics! The kids are all adorable! LOVE IT!!!

  3. What a special thing to have your house blessed. :) Great pictures!!

  4. THis is great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think it is awesome that you had the whole family be involved which makes this part even more extra special. Your carpets look so nice. I cannot wait once the carpets are in. Our countertops are coming tomorrow yay for that! :)