Thursday, June 16, 2011

#5 Shopping!

#5 Shopping!!!
The next best thing to getting a home is all the shopping and decorating you get to do! I am sooooo in love with JCPenny! I never really knew they had such incredible stuff and the sales are so hard to walk away from. Last night, we went to get our daughter some stuff for her trip and noticed they were having a 2 day sale. Of course this meant I had to take a look at stuff for the house since we were already in there. The hubby and I had wanted to purchase another stool since we are pretty sure the counter will accommodate a third one. We saw they had the stools but they only in the 24" instead of the 30". My thoughts were...oh well two will have to do. Now, the hubby would like you guys to believe that the next turn of events was my fault; but I'd just like to say that had HE not went inquiring on those stools I would've ONLY bought what I went in there for. 

While I was in the dressing room with my daughter, unbeknownst to me HE was having the sales rep check to see if they still had the 30" stools. When my daughter and I came out of the dressing room HE informed me they still had the stools in the back. Now, if you guys remember the earlier post (Furniture Finds) we purchased normally $200 dollar stools for 70% off with an additional 15% off coupon.  In order for us to get the stools for the same price today, I would be forced to use the 15% off coupon I received after completing the customer satisfaction survey. Well, the coupon is only good for 1 day so if I have to use it I may as well get some other stuff on sale with an additional 15% off too...right??? I knew you guys would I ended up getting the family room curtains for under $30 dollars a panel, the formal living room curtains for $25 dollars a panel, and curtain rods for the family room marked down on clearance for $4.27 a piece. You can't beat it...this is what I'm saying to the hubby as he's shaking his head at me.

So this is what I bought.

These are my family room curtains

 But they're In this color

These are for the formal Living room. I ordered them in warm spice, not the color shown.

This morning I was looking on the website and guess what I found??? The valance that goes to the curtains...on sale! So, I thought to myself why not try and use the coupon code to see if it works and guess what it DID!!! Valance purchase for under $20 dollars. Like I said before you can't walk or click away from the sales. LOL.

Valance for the Dining Room. The color is a more burnt orange in person.
This purchase I take full ownership for, hubby doesn't know about this yet. LOL!


  1. lol Girl, you trip me out!!

    I was JCP last night too!! (concord) shopping for OUR trip. lol It was VERY hard to stay away from the home section.

    I think you made some great deals!! =D Love it!

  2. I can't wait to shop!! Your curtains for the family room are really nice! Have fun!

  3. I hate shopping and am DREADING having to go figure out what kinds of curtains I want. I think I'm going to have to have you all do it for me.