Monday, June 20, 2011

Final walk through update for Stephanie

Today was our final walk through and all went great! I ended up recording it since the hubby wasn't able to attend because I know I would forget stuff. I really didn't have any issues to find since the hubby and I had already done 2 pre-walk throughs last week. We reported those issues to Doug then which he had address at the time. There is one issue I consider to be a major issue in all this southern heat, for some reason the AC was not working today! Doug said he didn't know why because it was working fine on Friday. He had already contacted the subs to look at it this afternoon. He told me not to worry about it because he will make sure it's all taken care of by Wednesday.

Stephanie you asked for some tips for the walk through and this is what I did:
  • Tap each of the cabinet doors to make sure they don't bounce or have dents in them
  • Turn on all the light fixtures
  • Ring the door bell
  • Make sure all the exterior lights are working and are aligned straight
  • If you received a washer and dryer run them while your there
  • Test the temp in the freezer and fridge if it was provided by Ryan
  • Make sure all the paint meets the trim in corners and around windows
  • Check to see if your stove is level...we rocked ours last week and found it wasn't
  • Make sure all the carpet is clean
  • Check the door fixtures to confirm they are correct
  • Same with the lighting fixtures
  • Discuss any special outlets or custom request
I didn't stop the tubs or sinks because that is apart of the quality inspection so it was no point to do so.
I'm trying to think of all we did...but again because we had done walk throughs previously there wasn't anything for me to complain about. LOL! I would say the best thing is to just look for things that don't seem right and then ask questions. Doug told me he loved that we were at the house so much because we were his second and third pair of eyes, which sometimes they need.

The meeting lasted about 2 1/2 hours total, but I think a lot of it was because we were chatting. I had to sign some stuff for them about the 30 day and 10 month walk through as well as stuff about the lawn care...etc. I got my Ryan Homeowner book with all our user guides and contact information.

I did find out something surprising, when I pulled up these guys were working on my neighbors fence behind me which I didn't think anything of it until they started walking on my freshly laid As I was giving them the side eye, Doug explained they were his subs moving her fence because it was on my property. He said they gave her a letter telling her she had until last Friday to move her fence off my property or they were going to take it down and move it. WOW! He said she never responded so they are moving it. I didn't really think it was a big deal because it was already there, but whatever. He said they had to in order for them to be able to let me close since it is a part of my property! Well ok! That pretty much sums up our meeting.

Rest assured that your PM is going to walk you through the whole house and outside to point out anything you should know.

Here's our book.
I found out from our PM that Ryan management is now fully aware of our blogs and are starting to monitor them for feedback!


  1. Sheesh - I would HOPE that Ryan has been aware of the blogs for a while, though my sales rep seems clueless about them. I always know way before she does whether Ryan can do a custom order, because I got the idea from all the bloggers! :)
    Good luck! Crossing my fingers that everything continues to go smoothly for you after closing!

  2. Thank you soooo much!!!!! Your advice is soooo helpful! I didn't think about tapping on the cabint cupboards good idea! I will definitely do that. At least your sod is in mine are not I keep hoping they will be in before we move in this weekend but so far nope. Plus it has been rainy here so its a no go.

    As for the stove didn't think of checking to see if its level will add that to the list. Are you going to be moving in right away on Wednesday? I haven't packed yet oh goodness I better get started. Weird now that Ryan homes will be monitoring your blogs not sure how I feel about that. I haven't told my PM that we are keeping one.

    Soon enough you will get your beautiful home.

  3. Girl YES! I plan on sleeping in my new home on the first night! LOL! You haven't packed a thing yet??? I can't wait another moment longer to move in. It seems like we've been waiting forever for this home and I am so ready!!!

    When are going to start moving?

  4. Oooh...I wonder if someone on here is a spy and asks questions to get feedback. *darting eyes*

  5. @WodyJ - LMAO...we have mentioned the blogs a couple of times to our sales rep and he always acts "surprised", but he is pretty sharp...I am sure he is lurking out there. I think it is actually a good thing if they are keeping an eye on things...obviously they want these blogs to be positive, so maybe when we run into problems it will help get them resolved.

  6. LOL....@WodyJ

    Actually, I sure hope they are. The only way any company can succeed and move on to another level is to take in feedback and see what can be implemented and what can't.

    Otherwise, if you ignore what your market is saying you’re going to eventually lose your customer base. You'll end up wishing you had taken their opinions into account once you reach bottom. A smart company should always be looking to be better; and right we're in the techno times. I would be more concerned if they did know about us but chose to ignore us as a non-factor. Just my opinion!