Monday, June 13, 2011

#9 & #8

#9 Pantry
In most homes in Philly you have to use your cabinet space for all your needs. This includes your food, dishes, and pots and pans. Rarely will you find a home in the city that has a separate pantry.  When we moved to Charlotte we were so excited to get a place with a pantry. I couldn't wait to have a space to store my food items and leaving my cabinets for all my other needs. The pantry in our new home totally out shines the pantry in the town home. I will be able to walk in the pantry instead of reaching in side ways to grab that item all the way in the We just packed up our small pantry last night and I couldn't believe we had five boxes worth of things in the small pantry. Can you guys imagine how much stuff I'm going to be able to put in the new one? Can't wait to fill it up!!!

 #8 Cabinets and Counter Tops
This relates to the post above. We are going to have so much cabinet space, I'm excited! We are coming from having almost none, to having a little bit more to having a lot of space. I will now be able to have all my gadgets within reach in a cabinet or on the counter instead of filling up our closets and hiding things in corners because there isn't enough space. I also can't wait for us to be able to cook together with ample space instead of trying to squeeze in all of my ingredients (including putting things in the sink) on to our small counter tops. Currently, when the hubby and I cook together we have to take turns using the small counter space, or are forced to use our table for prep...which I hate btw. Come next week we'll be able to be on opposite sides of the kitchen without bumping into each other while we cook. I also love the fact that I'll be able to utilize my island when I bake. I'll be able to icing and decorate without fear of staining the carpet. The first thing I'm going to next week is bake a cake in my new oven. I love the fresh baked smell and I've been on a baking hiatus! Oh and the cakes aren't bad!


  1. LOL Yeah for great kitchens and an awesome pantry! =D

    I think my two favorite rooms will be our kitchen and our bedroom. lol

    Great choices!

  2. Our bedroom is going to be next on the count

  3. It is unbelievable to see so many cabinets on the gourmet island and the best part about it is that it slides out! I never had one before a cabinet where it actually rolls out its pretty neat!

    I wish our model has a walk in pantry that would be pretty cool but its just a closet pantry although I do like the shelves just wished it was a tad bit bigger. Looking forward to your count-down tomorrow.

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I'm trying to find things to write

  5. oh I can't wait for both of these...we currently use the stack and pack method of cabinets, small medium stand alone cabinet in breakfast room, larger cabinet in laundry room, and shelving in garage...all stack and packed full.