Friday, June 17, 2011

#4 Master bedroom, bath, and closets!

The master bedroom in our new home is about the same square footage of the entire top floor of the home we lived in back in Philly. The closet space we will have is more space than we've ever had in any of the places we've lived, including where we are now! My plans are to make our bedroom our own private escape for JUST the two of kids allowed! Response we've received from the boy and the girl when we told them this...ummm sure, ok. I personally don't feel all that confident that this rule will be followed. LOL! However, I will need to be careful with the hubby as well, if I make it to much of an escape he'll never leave it. Although, this room is last on the list compared to the other rooms we're going to work on, I'm just so excited about the option to do whatever I want with it because there is so much space.

You guys just don't know how happy I am to have a toilet closet...a place with the toilet and a door... Love it! I am also looking forward to the bench in the stand up shower, this is hubby's favorite thing in our bathroom. I'm not sure yet if the soaking tub is a plus for me yet, every time I look at it I picture myself slipping and falling trying to get out of it because I'm so I definitely know it's not a plus for the hubby, he is to tall to fit comfortably so I don't think he'll even bother with it. I'll get back to you guys with a update on the tub.

Oh the possibilities! I will have so much space in my closet so I guess this means I have to go fill it up right? Yup, see this is why I love you guys, we're always on the same page! My closet (the biggest of course) is in the bathroom, going forward I wont have to ever leave the bathroom to get dressed; and the hubby will no longer need to complain about me taking all my clothes out of the closet and leaving them all over the bed. Clean room plus! I plan on putting a nice big mirror in there along with a small chair or ottoman (oh yes it's that big) so I can do it all with out leaving the closet. Now, I may have to hear him complain about the fact that we're always late because I don't leave the bathroom...but look you can't win them all.


  1. Ryan homes sure do make pretty swet closets. Who knew how we can get excited over that. The master bedroom it sure is a big plus for having it be spacious. I agree with you on that its going to be our favorite place to escape. Only a few more days for usto finally get our homes that we have been waiting for.

  2. LOL You go girl!!

    I can't wait for the mstrbrm and bath too! And that seat in the shower...YES!!! Score for shaving! lol Would have come in handy when I was pregnant. lol And the toilet closet...another SCORE!

    When I saw the 4 up there I flipped out! I can't believe you're so close!

    Great choice hon! And wow!! You're gonna close while I'm gone, so CONGRATS!!!!

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  4. @Stephaine YES!!!! A few more days is right! I have never wanted a weekend to go by fast ever in my life, but I want hope this one does so we can be closer to the day we get our keys.

    @Noey Thanks hon! I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! Make sure to upload pics of the vacation so that I may live vicariously through you.

  5. It's funny how our perception of closet size changes throughout life. Whatever size you have you make do with, but I remember when we moved into our existing house and thinking...WOW...the walkin closet is is now full and seems small. We will have 2 walk-in closets in our Avalon, each of which is more then twice the size of our existing closet which now seems soooo small.