Sunday, June 5, 2011

#18 Question: Should you complain about an incentive?

I guess this really shouldn't be a question since I've already fired off my But I was wondering if we (I...hubby doesn't care) have the right to complain about one of our incentives.

Here is the email I just sent to my rep:

It's really long!


I would like to know what options I have with getting a different model for our washing machine. This weekend I spoke with one of the sales reps at Home Depot who advised the model Ryan is offering is a horrible washer and has a lot of complaints. I also researched both the old and new models and found they both have very bad reviews from many different sources online. There are even youtube videos showing the exact washer that is being offered displaying one of the many complaints regarding it's balancing issues. I understand it is being offered as an incentive, however I don't think of it as a good incentive if we will not be able to effectively use the product as it is designed. I also have concerns with it's rating as an energy star appliance especially since the complaints mention that the product takes longer to complete a single load of clothes due to the balance issue resetting the time. I would hope that Ryan is not knowingly offering a product of this poor quality to it's new customers, especially since Ryan holds themselves to have the best quality standards within the industry. I would hope that standard falls to their business partners products as well, since these are the products they are placing into customers homes. Can you please research what our options are as far as getting a better quality washer, even if we have to add funds to it. I'd rather add the extra than to have one that is a repair nightmare for us.

Thank you,

Here are just a few of the videos I found on youtube and some of the reviews I found online.

Best Buy
Each week when I try to use this washer I feel ripped off all over again. I did not do my research and I am suffering for it. What others have posted about this model are very true. The unit may look nice and has a reasonable price tag but that is where the positives end. I just spent 2 1/2 hours trying to do one load of laundry that should have taken about one hour. The unit just can not seem to balance loads for the spin cycle. If you do not have the magic quantity of identical garments this machine loses it. The unit is level, shipping bolts removed, it's just a piece of garbage. I should have taken $800 and flushed it down the toilet. At least I would have saved the frustration this piece of trash is causing me. Good thing is, when it does manage to spin, it shakes so hard it should fall apart in no time. Next time, and I don't expect it will be long, I will do my research.
What's great about it: NothingWhat's not so great: EverythingNo, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Every time I use this washer, it vibrates so much that it feels like my whole house is shaking. It is extremely loud. I can't wash large items like blankets because the machine gets unbalanced. The ten-year-old top-loading washer that this machine replaced was quieter, vibrated less, and could handle large items easily. I would not buy this washer again.
What's great about it: It looks niceWhat's not so great: Everything elseNo, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Run Away!Customer Rating

This GE washer is truly horrible. My clothes always smell like mold/mildew. They smell 10 times more horrible after they are washed than before. I totally wasted my money on this washing machine and could not be more disappointed. It only hold a very small amount of items. I have been washing clothes almost constantly with this tiny washer since it was delivered. :-(
What's great about it: lots of featuresWhat's not so great: it doesn't clean my clothes!No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Worst Machine ever, Repairman out all the timeCustomer Rating
Ok I brought this as a dream machine. It is the worst machine ever, from day one. I hate this machine. Have had 3 calls on machine and will call every month until I get results.
You can't wash a quilt, blanket or large items, Wont' clean in the middle. Leaves dry spots through the clothes, Was told by repairmen, load with same size clothes, will be unbalanced, plus smells moldy constantly, off balance and will actually shut machine off and you won't know if clothes are done or not, doesn't spin at times dry enough, I can only do 1/2 basket of clothes, will not clean, not to mention will not mix bleach in with the water, so now have bleach spots, Sad thing is all repairmen know this machine has problems. I HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPAIRMAN OUT TONIGHT AND SAID YES IT HAS PROBLEMS, BAD CLEANING, UNBALANCED, MOLDY SMELL. IT WILL NOT HANDLE WHAT THEY ADVERTISE......AMAZING....GARBAGE MACHINE.
What's great about it: NOTHINGWhat's not so great: Read review.Bad Cleaning,Smell,Unbalanced,Can't fill full,Doesn't mix bleach,lots of repair callsNo, I would not recommend this to a friend.


Need to choose another washer - purchased GE WCVH6800JWW - going back!

Home Depot (it has better reviews here than on any other site)

If I could give this washer zero stars if I could. It is that bad. Before I get into the catastrophic repairs I have had to make 17 months into ownership, let me descibe the basic dislikes about the unit:
Washer cycles take about 1 hr 20-1 45 minutes. If you use the "speed" cycle it can cut that down to about 50 minutes but even then, it is a gamble. (Today we put one toddler blanket in for a 37 minute cycle and it took 1 hr 30 minutes before we took it out ourselves).
Cannot handle large or medium loads. The spinner goes off balance easily. With a set of bath towels or sheets I usually have to stop it part of the way through the cycle to keep it from bouncing all over the laundry room. It

The front gasket holds water which molds and more importantly gets holes in it very frequently. Read reviews online or search for issues with this washer and you will find plenty of people with this problem. Worst appliance purchase I have ever made by far.

I have owned this machine for over 3 years....and from day 1 have had problems. In the first 5 days, we had to replace the washer 3 times (from leaking out the back and then the front). The main issues is that it WILL NOT stay balanced while spinning...and YES, I have tried many different scenerios (changing load, cycles etc.) and nothing has helped it. It has 'rocked' so hard, it put a hole in the wall and broke the face plate on the light switch. The rubber liner inside has mildewed (Yes, I left the door open, and yes, I have tried to keep it clean...but not after every wash.) My clothes do not come out clean and have to re-wash many times to try to get that 'smell' out. I have always used

I have had this washer for about a month. It did a decent job cleaning my clothes, but after three weeks the door started to leak. The washer leaked water all over my laundry room and made a huge mess.

I have only had this washer for 3 months. I have had to have service out here 3 times. You can not put a load in and leave. Every single load gets out of balance and you have to rearrange items or add to or take out items. It is a pain in the but. It takes approximately 90 to 120 min to do a load of wash because every spin cycle will not complete.
I hate this item.


I have had this washer for less than 6 months and it has flooded my laundry room 2 times. Going back to LOWES

Clothes smell, whites are dingy and worst - it unlocks constantly and doesn't finish a load. It's taken all day to do two loads to day - started at 8 am and it's 4:00pm! Started when I put two towels in and it couldn't handle it. We've checked and rechecked the levels and they're spot on and we redid the draining system. We won't even give this one away - that would be cruel. Our last washer lasted over 15 years and we gave it to friends as we built a new laundry room and since the dryer was going, we replaced the washer as well just four years ago. Big mistake. Looking at new washers next weekend. Done with this one.

This machine is awful. Spin cycle with towels makes our entire home vibrate. Clothes do not come out clean. Leaves an awful smell in your clothing! Don't waste your money, this machine should not be for sale!! Have had repair people out more times than I can count. Always say nothing is wrong. Definitely something wrong when your home sounds like your having an earthquake during the spin cycle. Has woke up our children and ourselves. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are a family of 6 and do laundry quite often, which pushed us to buy this washer. The thought was that we would save time and cost, but the reality was something very different. The 1st service call started about 4 months after the unit was new. It has never functioned right since, and it has been approximately 10 service calls, which equals2weeks without a washer per call. If we had not purchased the extended warrenty, we would have sold the washer and dryer off, as we have had just as many issues with the dryer. The extended warrenty period is coming due in approximately 9 months and we are already shopping for new appliances. Its a frustrating loss of time and money. We have vowed to never purchase GE again... Good luck should I let it go or should I push Ryan for a better option?


  1. I think you should push to get a credit for washer so you can purchase another brand. OR ask them to consider one of their newer models that may have rectified these issues if they have one. OR...if none of those options work, put it on craigslist and sell them and take the money and purchase new ones. Those are just a few thoughts off the top of my head but definitely PUSH for something. you don't want that piece of crap headache. Our sales rep did give us a heads up that it was not all that it was cracked up to be but it wasn't an incentive either.

  2. I think you did the right thing bringing this to Ryan's attention. But I honestly wouldn't expect too much from them. I don't think they'll switch out. But you never know until you try.

    If they don't, get the credit and us the money elsewhere for something else. If you can't do that, see if they can put the $ towards closing. OR, if all else fails, do as Lady suggested and craigslist those babies!

  3. So Craigslist would ordinarily be a good idea, but who in their right mind would by this thing off of Craiglist with these kind of reviews. I think you done the right thing and should press Ryan Homes to make things right...anything less then a full price credit is unacceptable.

  4. I think you did the right thing on this one. Going into your new home, I'm sure that you'll want to purcahse other things; not wanting to deal with repair or replacement on a faulty machine.


  5. You did the right thing by bringing it up to Ryan's attention and I think you should get credit for the incentive then you can purchase what you want that would best fit your needs in your home. This is a great issue to bring up to your sales rep. and PM. Good one!