Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Updates 24 - 21

#24 Shutters

We now have our burgundy shutters in place. Although, the photo doesn't really give a great picture because it was soooo sunny out they look a lot darker than what they are. The front door will also be painted burgundy.

#23 Final installations

According to Doug all final installations should be completed this week. The flooring subs will finish the carpets, final paint touch ups, gutters & mailbox, final inspection, and final clean.

#22 Yard
Doug said he has been holding off on laying our sod due to the heat. Even though they will water it he does not want to lay it in almost 100 degree weather. He is hoping the weather will break some by next week but it should be completed by next Friday.
#21 Earlier Closing....maybe

Since they are actually AHEAD of schedule on our home we may be able to close earlier than the 22nd. Doug said he is going to look at the schedule of his punch out guys (??? don’t remember what he said they do) and see if they can accommodate. I believe these guys are the last people to work on the house before closing and they are currently in another home right now and ours is next after that one.  Not quite sure if this is going to come through… I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I just told Doug anyday after June 10th is fine by me, as long as it’s not being pushed back I’m good!!!
Will definitely keep you guys posted on that one.


  1. I think you're right about the punch out guys. I think they are the ones that come in and finish the punch list of final touch-ups and fixes before the house goes to closing.

    EARLIER CLOSING!!! WOOHOO!!!! That would be awesome!!!! *fingers crossed!*

    As far as the first picture goes.... Girl... It's even more beautiful than I imagined!! You have a lovely home!! I'm so excited for you!! =D

  2. Early close...that's music to my ears! I was just wondering what else is left to do for 20 days... I'm excited for you!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER!

  3. Exciting...good luck with the early close.