Saturday, June 18, 2011

#3 Garage & some updates

#3 Garage
I would like to piggyback off of Stephanie's earlier post concerning the garage. I can't wait until we are able to pull up the house and park in our garage. When we lived in PA all the parking in our area was street parking, that meant we'd sometimes have to park around the corner or all the way down the street because there was no parking. I hated it! When moving to Charlotte, I thought the parking situation would be better here since each little cul de sac had an ample amount of parking. I was wrong. In the complex where we live now all the tenants are supposed to park one car up front and one in the back to be considerate to the other tenants. Of course this doesn't happen. We have our neighbors right next to us with three cars that always have to be parked directly in front of their unit. This wouldn't even be such a bad thing if any of them knew how to park! I mean seriously you can't pull in between the lines without being on some type of angle?

Then we have our other neighbors that also have three cars and must always park directly in the front of our place btw since they live on the side of us. Our unit is on the end and the other units across the walk way extend beyond where ours stop. Along with their three cars they always have two and three cars worth of company that never park on the back row either. Now don't get me wrong, my neighbors are all nice people and we get along just fine, they just aren't parking considerate. I will just be so excited to pull up to the house with  a million bags (as usual) and be able to back into the garage and unload without having to do extra duty by lugging them across the parking lot.

***Packing Update***
I am sooooooo happy to say we are about 85% finished packing and cleaning!!! YAY! I would like to thank my awesome hubby who got out of bed after only getting 4 hours of sleep to help me. Hubby works about 80 hours a week and sleep is hard to come by as it is for him without the moving drama. But to stop me from panicking about not being done in time he and the boy (reluctantly) jumped in and got it done. We have all the rooms with exception to our room (1/2 done) and some minor things in the living room and kitchen packed up!!! We started around 3pm and didn't stop until 8pm then hubby had to turn around and go to work. He thinks I didn't feel bad for him but I really did and I would like to just share with you guys that I have been blessed to have an awesome husband and my kids have a great father!

***Closing update***
Closing is on Wednesday @9 am and I received final word on Thursday that everything is all done and the amount I needed to bring to closing was $353.98. I said thank you Jesus! I was excited when I thought it was the $1132 but I was floored when she told me only $353.98.

Happy Father's Day to all my e-neighbors! I'm off to make hubby's favorite...banana


  1. OMGosh! I'm floored!! Your Closing Costs are AWESOME!! So far, we are at an estimated $4000! YUCK!! I'd be ecstatic if it somehow were to drop to $2500. lol But I'm not sure that's possible. Maybe $3500. Wanna trade? lol

    You are going to LOVE a garage!! Especially in inclement weather! Man, You are a better person than me. I would have called management on my neighbors. I'd be dog gone if I was paying for my place and the parking that came with it to be screwed out of it by selfish people. Just another reason, like you said, to love your new garage! =)

  2. Having our own garage is gonna be pretty sweet and no more having to fight for parking. I have not even start packing ugh. I am just procrastinating...... I hate packing and that you are 85% done I have a long long way to go.

    At least closing is at 9am I have to wait all day till 5pm. That is going to be torture.

  3. I haven't really started either. I packed 2 boxes last month. That's it! lol I'm waiting until we get back. Then I'll have less than a month to pack up this family of 5. lol

  4. @Noey, NO MA'AM I think I'll keep my closing cost. LOL! Just remember they guestimate them so I'm sure they will turn out to be less than 4k.

    As far as the parking, no point to complain to management when they aren't going to take any action.

    @Stephaine What you waiting on honey??? I don't know about you but I am moving in as SOON as I get my keys. We will be sleeping in our house the same day we settle. Since I need to maximize my days off I changed my move day (hubby was NOT happy about this...took some convincing) from Saturday to settlement day. LOL! These last couple of days are killing me! Let me tell you guys how we bought a gas grill yesterday and we wanted so badly to just drop it off and leave it in the garage since it'll be ours in a couple of days. But nope had to take it to our current home. =(

    I have been tempted to tell my pm since we've done about 2 pre-walk throughs already and advised hime of our problem areas, we can just go right on ahead and sign the papers after the walk through. Yeah, I'm still working on that patience thing. LOL!

    @Noey you still have time. I started slowly when we got to our 30 day point. Then once this week hit and I was still on slow, I had to hit the fast forward button. LOL

    I have been washing clothes, (if you knew me you would know that is a BIG thing cause hubby has always done all the laundry...not that I couldn't, I just didn't), cleaning (always did this better than hubby...we all have our strengths), and packing boxes morning, noon, and night! My deal with the hubby is I have to pack it and he will move it.

    I hope to be able to give these folks their keys and their penalty fee on Friday and then use the rest of my time in our home!